Just because your data is resident on an external server, doesn't mean it's immune to malicious attack.

Conquering complacency on cloud backups

Converting to the cloud is akin to that smug feeling after ingesting a rich meal at a classy establishment. While climbing into the comfort of the cloud might be the current mood of savvy businesses, it’s too easy to fall victim to complacency on what backup security should follow.

It’s sensible that we choose business tools that are reasonably priced, easy to use, enable collaboration on documents in real time, and allow our employees to work remotely.

Software as a service, called SaaS applications, like Office 365 and G Suite are embedded in the cloud and offer this flexibility.

Into cloud

But what does “in the cloud” really mean? When your applications reside in the cloud, it just means that your data is stored in servers operated by the likes of Amazon, Google or Microsoft, rather than your own IT cabinet.

Threats, accidents and attacks abound

Just because your data is resident on an external server, doesn’t mean it’s immune to a malicious cyber attack. Take ransomware, for example.

This kind of malware can hold your data hostage until you fork out the ransom demanded. Ransomware attacks on data held in the cloud are increasing.

Risk appetite

While the benefits of moving to the cloud outweigh the risks, you cannot afford to be complacent after migrating to the cloud. As a business owner, you need to reduce the risk of losing data so you can focus on growing your business.

In fact compliance and accreditation demand cloud services to be sufficiently and adequately backed up. Cicom has introduced SaaS protection for your business or enterprise.

SaaS Protection acts as your emergency parachute in the cloud. If an employee deletes an important email accidentally or maliciously, we can simply restore the latest version to you or another user.

Restore and relax

If your systems are struck with ransomware, we can restore emails, files and sites in the state they were in before the attack.

Not only that, but by saving your data automatically with SaaS Protection, you simply pay for the backup.

Now you can relax and focus on your business with Cicom® your cloud backup expert.

Reduce the risk

Datto SaaS Protection allows you to reduce the risk of data loss. Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace have limited native recovery capabilities and deploying a SaaS backup means you can help your clients meet business continuity, compliance and security requirements.

Act now and try SaaS protection. True comprehensive data protection in the cloud.

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