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Boost Business Productivity With Microsoft 365

Save time, money and resources by switching to one of the most powerful cloud productivity platforms available.

Microsoft 365 is the primary choice when it comes to cloud-based productivity software thanks to its unrivalled ability to streamline day-to-day processes and boost efficiency for businesses small and large. Packed with an excellent range of tools, programs and features, Microsoft 365 is designed to simplify a range of digital tasks while ensuring a secure environment and protecting data.

The IT professionals at Cicom can assist your business with transitioning to cloud-based productivity by configuring, managing and maintaining your Microsoft 365 software.

What Does Microsoft 365 Include?

In addition to the full suite of Microsoft office tools that you are already familiar with, such as Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint, your Microsoft 365 software includes a range of useful tools that improve efficiency, communication and data storage.

Microsoft Teams

With the increase in employees working remotely, Teams is an incredibly useful communication tool that comprises of video conferencing, online chat, file sharing and repository, plus a suite of organisation tools.

Microsoft SharePoint

Your business can utilise an internal repository of files, databases, document libraries, lists and links, creating a centralised base for your staff to access and store information. Working similar to a website but only accessible internally between your team.

Microsoft Intune

Enhance your data and device security using Microsoft Intune – a cloud-based device management solution for laptops, desktops, virtual PCs and all mobile devices. Not only does Intune enhance security access, this tool allows for cross-device application management, automated deployment policy and end-user management.

Microsoft OneDrive

The ultimate cloud-based storage solution, OneDrive allows staff to securely share and access files across any device in the workplace ecosystem.

Why Choose Microsoft 365?

There are many advantages to making the switch to a cloud-based productivity tool such as Microsoft 365, including:

  • Ongoing upgrades, new features and bug fixes
  • Easy and efficient team management from a centralised platform
  • Eliminate the need for expensive onsite servers
  • Enhance connectivity and collaboration within your business

Learn more about how Microsoft 365 can streamline your business operations.

Get Microsoft 365 For Your Business

Get in touch with Cicom today to learn more about making the transition to Microsoft 365. We can help your business with a smooth transfer to a cloud-based power platform by assessing your current environment to see if your business operations are compatible with the Microsoft 365 environment.

Once suitability has been established, our IT professionals will help your business migrate from your existing infrastructure and onboard your staff and users.

Once the migration is complete, Cicom will configure, maintain and support your Microsoft 365 environment and provide you with ongoing technical support.

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