Cyber Security

Cicom has a suite of tools to help protect against modern Cyber Security threats.

DNS Filtering or “content filtering” can help your business protect staff from browsing malicious, infected inappropriate or distracting websites. Fully customizable to the content you want to block.

Email is the number 1 threat to business security and relies heavily on the training of your staff to be able to identify malicious and scam emails before they process them. Security Awareness Training will help audit your staff’s interaction with high risk email.

We all know someone who’s had Ransomware lock their files and demand large sums of money to return access to them.

Cicom’s Remote Monitoring Agent can detect ransomware and remove the infected computer from the network to prevent further infection to other computers.

Mail Security

Email is the number one threat vector. Phishing and fraud attacks arrived via email 96% of the time. Mail security delivers the most effective unified solution to protect your people and critical data from advanced email threats, including credential phishing, ransomware, and email invoice fraud.

Cicom can implement a mail security solution for your domain for both incoming and outgoing mail.

Managed Antivirus

Antivirus Endpoint protection, or endpoint security, is a general term that describes cybersecurity services for network endpoints, like laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, servers, and virtual environments.

These services may include antivirus and antimalware, web filtering, and more. Endpoint protection helps businesses keep critical systems, intellectual property, customer data, employees, and guests safe from ransomware, phishing, malware, and other cyberattacks.


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