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Business Phone Setup Using Cloud VoIP

The need to “work from home” has increased the demand for office phone systems that aren’t tethered to your office location. A modern VoIP phone system will be unrestricted by geography and will allow quick and seamless changes as your business needs develop.

Cicom employs cloud powered VOIP servers and competitive call costs all for a modest monthly charge.

We will provide you with a flexible, capable and cost effective phone system with dedicated support provided by our local IT technicians.

If your business is tired of paying tens of thousands of dollars for PBX hardware tethered to your site, then talk to Cicom today on 1300 324 266.

What is a Cloud VoIP Phone System?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol.

It essentially uses the internet to make calls to other fixed line numbers instead of the old copper network.


Is a Cloud Phone System Right for my Business?

A cloud based VoIP system is adaptable to any business scenario and is particularly suitable for the following situations:

  • Businesses needing more agility/flexibility.
  • Companies operating at multiple sites.
  • Rapidly growing start-ups with unpredictable future needs.
  • Businesses with remote employees or working from home.
  • New businesses that want to conserve capital.
  • Established businesses out of contract with current telephone provider.


Benefits of a Cloud-Based Phone System

Business conditions change and the ability to remain flexible in an ever-changing world is important to business success.

Your phone system should be scalable and efficient to manage communication services in a less costly, more streamlined, and agile manner.

The benefits of a cloud VoIP service go beyond flexibility to provide a broad and compelling feature set.

1. Cloud VOIP Makes Everything Easy!

If you have internet then you are most of the way to implementing your cloud VoIP system.

VoIP infrastructure can be provisioned quickly for speedy deployment without the need for expensive onsite hardware.

All managed from a centralised cloud portal by your internal or outsourced IT provider for responsive support and quick results.

2. Full Customisable

From simple call structures in a small office to complex call flows with Voice Assistants, a cloud VoIP system can be a simple or customised as you like.

Every deployment is unique and can be tailored to your business’s needs.

3. High End Features

No matter what size your business is you can enjoy high end features only found in corporate environments with a cloud VoIP system.

Access features like virtual assistant, auto attendant, message to email, out of office hours without paying extra.

4. Mobility – Multi Location & Multi Device

Today’s work environment is accessed from different locations on multiple devices.

Cloud VoIP gives you the options to use traditional VoIP handsets, softphones with headsets or dedicated mobile phone apps, increasing access to your office infrastructure no matter where you are.

Basically, you can access your phone and work anywhere with an internet connection.

5. Flexibility to Scale

As your business changes, so does the need employ new staff, open new sites, and scale up for more customers – Cloud VoIP systems can grow with you.

Adding more extensions, more virtual lines or better server performance for higher call capacity does not require new hardware. These are simple configuration changes for a Cloud VoIP system.

Of course, there are times you need to scale down.

Cloud VoIP resources can be flexible to your business changes no matter what they are.

6. Business Continuity

Imagine office phone connectivity from wherever you have an internet connection, allowing you to keep working if you can’t get to the office. In recent times we have learnt the value of working at home with cloud based tools to keep the business running.

Your office phone is no different.

Because VoIP cloud based systems are hosted in a data centre, any disruption at your site due to fire, theft or flood won’t affect your Cloud VoIP server, giving you options to get up and running quickly and improving your business continuity.

7. Improved Customer Service

Cloud VoIP systems can employ a “Virtual Receptionist” feature to better direct your calls. Combined with voice to email services and dedicated out of office hours your business has professional and automated call flow that provides a confident public image.

8. Easy Updates

Cloud PBX systems can be administered from anywhere, allowing for technician access to implement new features, extra handsets, or changes to call flow  – No onsite callout required.

The speed of configuration creates a highly agile communications environment, adaptable to your business and responsive to your work environment.

9. Cost Savings

Traditional hardware based PBX devices installed on site cost in the thousands, and labour to service or configure these devices are charged at a pricey hourly rate.

Modern cloud VoIP systems do not require expensive infrastructure, saving significant money in deployment costs and freeing up your funds for other parts of your business.

Businesses who switch to VoIP reduce the cost of their local calls by up to 40% and reduce the cost of their international calls by up to 90%.


Ready to Make the Switch to a Cloud VoIP  System?

Cicom is a leading provider of managed IT services for business and can design and manage a business grade VOIP phone system tailored to fit your operation.

If you would like further information, advice or assistance with VoIP implentation in your business, talk to Cicom on 1300 324 266 or contact us online.

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