IT Governance

IT Audit and Compliance

An I.T. Audit is an official examination of I.T. infrastructure and services and forms an important part of reviewing your security and compliance to industry standards. Audits help identify where you can do better and provide an opportunity to implement solutions to meet expectations. They form a healthy part of your I.T. calendar.

Whether you are getting a fresh set of eyes on your network or need a half yearly audit, Cicom can help you find the answers you need.

Tools and Best Practice Documentation

A good IT Policy helps your business reduce threats from data loss, breaches and information falling into the wrong hands while documented procedures enable staff to do their job more effectively.

Policies and documentation form the basis of your business security and efficiency. They help staff understand their obligations to your business and the consequences for not following them. Most companies find the idea of creating an I.T. Policy a daunting prospect.

Cicom can help you develop an I.T. Policy and Procedure Documentation and personalise it to your business needs.


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