Comms and Connectivity

Cloud VOIP

The need to “work from home” has increased the demand for office phone systems that aren’t tethered to your office location. A modern phone system will be unrestricted by geography and will allow quick and seamless changes as your business needs develop.

Cicom employs cloud powered VOIP servers and competitive call costs all for a modest monthly charge. If your business is tired of paying tens of thousands of dollars for PBX hardware tethered to your site then talk to Cicom. We will provide you a flexible, capable and cost effective phone system with local support.

Upgrade to VoIP Phone Systems

Domain Services

Modern businesses are defined by their searchability on the internet. It has become increasingly important to have website and email presence for a professional and capable look. Cicom can procure and manage your company domain.

Managed Networks

Modern networks now have the ability to be visible from a single pane of glass. VPN, Firewall and Gateway configuration can all be centrally managed from one location.

Wifi, networks, access points and policies now allow for quick deployment and centralised management. If you would like to organize your network, contact Cicom for a free assessment.


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