With automation, choose method over madness

With automation, choose method over madness

Organic. Hybrid. Convolute coils. Concepts that flourish well in a plant nursery hothouse. Not so marvellous when applied to the mayhem of different systems patched together in our busy workaday life. Our office systems are very often crazily plant-like.

Chase the light

These arrangements develop and multiply around our sphere of influence, intertwining their way toward the light. They crane in the direction of that radiant glow cast by an alluring internet of things and the dizzying heights of global interconnectivity.

A confused landscape

The result? A bewildering array of wild, criss-cross patterns representing determined communication by every possible method. Requiring the dexterity of an acrobatic octopus to wrangle one’s way through the morass.

Obsolescence messes with collaboration

Traditional file servers are fast becoming obsolete. Users everywhere are increasingly expected to work and collaborate anywhere, on any device.

Often defying logic or rational commonsense, our patchwork of tangled business systems are mostly grounded in current demand, expense or expediency.

Choosing where to begin with change

So is there a better way? Choosing where to begin is akin to pulling out that first stubborn weed in an overgrown garden. The best move is to have a vision of where you want to wind up before you begin.

There’s no better time than right now to pull the plug on those muddled, conflicted systems and restructure with a method that’s cost effective and better for your business.

Vision and expertise at your fingertips

The Cicom OPs crew have the expertise you need to help support this new vision. We are your proverbial IT “landscape” architects, showing you effective ways to disentangle those complex, disparate IT systems and replant with better.

Once you have a clear vision of what the remodelling looks like—voila, clarity of purpose! Often the way forward for change is a healthy dose of hard work and a sense of purpose to get the job done. When the ground work is complete the next stages can take shape.

We offer solutions that puts your business foremost. We simplify business IT networks with smarter tech that will help your business to flourish.

Own a new IT landscape

We can restructure your existing inefficiencies with a new layout incorporating visionary frameworks, managed IT services, cloud technology,  driving increased efficiency for the present and plans for future expansion or upgrades.

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