Glide into cloud power to empower your business

Have you ever considered sailplane gliding? It’s the ultimate fun in unpowered flight. Rapidly rising currents of sun-warmed air enables the glider to harness the power behind the cloud. The result of this is unlimited freedom of movement for a glider pilot at the right altitude.

So, by circling on a thermal current of air and soaring away at high altitude, a glider can ‘sky surf’ a cloud. Sail over a fluffy mound of fairy floss indulgence. Drop in on and sweep across the face of cylindrical roll clouds. Shoot though cloud streets that march troop-like toward the horizon.

To put it mildly, gliding in the cloud is—in a word—grand!

Harness the power of the cloud

Likewise, when it comes to working whenever and wherever, we’re ready to surf the blue with you! With Datto Workplace deployed in your business IT network, you and your team can work together seamlessly on files. Anywhere. On any device.

Cockpit Resource Management

After we deploy Datto Workplace in your business, the sky is yours to play in. This means you enjoy leveraged integrations with vital business tools such as Microsoft, G Suite, Active Directory, and Single Sign-On (SSO).

This means that as pilot in command, you determine a simple scalable solution optimised for every role.

Datto Workplace is smart, sophisticated and highly secure. How so? Because you configure settings based on individual roles and demands for file access. All elegantly suited to your business plans and budgets. Datta Work Cloud Power assists you to better engage your technicians, salespeople and executives.

Unlimited cloud power

Eliminate data loss and help your clients get their employees back up and running quickly with Datto Cloud Continuity for PCs. This reliable all-in-one solution provides backup direct to the Datto Cloud, screenshot verification, and multiple layers of recovery capabilities.

When disaster strikes, such as a lost or stolen device, ransomware attack, or other drama, we can rapidly and smoothly have your business up and running again as before.

Safe skies for all

Up till now the challenge for business has centred around how to operate remotely without compromising security. Datto Workplace is the winning solution. It provides the security, mobility and control that businesses need to access, share, and collaborate on files, both from within and beyond the organisation. Easily schedule reports on system activity, enable monitoring, and on-demand auditing of usage.

Untethered is the new smooth

Datto Workplace boasts more than 99.99% uptime cloud power. Embedded with world standard compliance and data encryption. Now you can glide anywhere with the ultimate freedom in cloud power, Datto Workplace.



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