Flexible contracts with real people

Flexible contracts with real people

Not all IT support contracts look alike. This is probably just as well. Some are agile, supple and stretch with your needs. Others are unyielding. Rigid. Downright inflexible.

Some give. Others take. Once signed up you may strike it rich by miraculously finding somebody to render practical assistance for your IT dilemma, precisely when you need it. Or, not. Nobody within cooee. Despite your wildly flapping arms, and a frantic dance hopping from one foot to another, the service counter remains noticeably vacant.

Faceless automatons with pompous sounding names like “[email protected]” abound. Offshore service agencies often adeptly transform what should be a simple exchange of dialogue, into a complex exercise in frustration, that would bewilder even the most proficient translator.

Therefore, when you compare the market for managed IT services where should you turn? Here’s a few tips on how to determine the ideal way to proceed and select an IT contract that’s right for you.

1. Ask your service provider for the option of purchasing labour in blocks or paying a fixed monthly cost for support.

They should clearly outline what services and products you are purchasing at the time you start your agreement, giving you peace of mind around what you are purchasing.

2. Planning on scaling up your businesses growth over time?

How bendable to your needs are they? Their service contracts should offer flexible options for short “stays”; as little as month to month. Need additional services? Maybe release from contract? No problem.

3. Spend time on your business doing what you do best.

Let Cicom care for your IT needs. Our managed services are tailored to your business. Our flexible agreements are designed to elevate your IT compliance to modern standards.

We’re passionate about our service contracts. We offer customised, agile and responsive managed services plans to progressive organisations in the Northern Rivers. This means we’re local to you. Somebody within reach you can trust.

Phone or email us, or complete our website enquiry form to get the ball rolling on outsourcing your IT and bring back that lithesome elegance into your IT network support contract.

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