What is IT Helpdesk Support?

I.T. helpdesk support is a ready-made and capable team of I.T technicians who are available through a variety of communication platforms like instant messenger, phone, or remote assistance.

Helpdesk technicians are there to help your business fix problems and guide your employees through the issues that arise in a day-to-day business I.T. environment.


Is I.T. Helpdesk and I.T. Support the same thing?

Not all helpdesks are created equal.

I’m sure you have experienced a helpdesk that can’t process requests or provides standard resolutions that don’t address your problems.

This hardly qualifies as support.

I.T. support requires experienced technicians not just phone operators. It requires astute listening skills and a willingness to go the extra mile to resolve the problem. I.T. support needs a suite of quality tools and experienced staff to assist the resolution and track the outcome.


What are the benefits of I.T. Helpdesk Support?

So the idea of a I.T. helpdesk sounds good for your business, but what are the benefits of enlisting accessible I.T. Support?

  • More cost effective than employing I.T. staff.
  • Provides timely response to problems.
  • Minimises lost productivity time due to I.T. issues.
  • Provides access to experienced industry insiders.
  • Improves technology standards.
  • Aids business efficiencies.


What are the main components of I.T. Helpdesk support?

In order to decide if I.T. helpdesk support is right for your business, it is important to understand the components that make up a quality I.T. support provider.

  • Ticketing systems to track support requests.
  • Agreed response times for fast resolution.
  • Remote access tools to address your problem with fast efficiency.
  • Backup and security monitoring to keep you safe
  • Tools and services to fulfill your I.T. needs
  • Multiple options to raise a ticket.
  • Accessibility to problem solvers
  • Reporting on resolutions
  • Extended support for critical functions
  • Onsite support when required
  • Hardware solutions for new system deployments up technology updates.


What does an I.T. support technician assist with?

Quality I.T. support technicians and advisers typically help with a vast range of issues to get you back to business such as:

  • Operating system management and updates.
  • Microsoft Office O365 configuration.
  • Staff onboarding.
  • Email configuration and filtering.
  • Security services and Antivirus deployment.
  • Network and connectivity resolution.
  • Intermediary between 3rd party vendors.
  • Backup and file services.
  • VOIP and communications platforms.
  • Advice on solutions and best practices.
  • Hardware diagnosis and replacement.
  • And more.


Why would I need to outsource my I.T. Helpdesk Support?

The cost of running an internal I.T team who are all employees of your business can be astronomical. Outsourcing your helpdesk support is far more cost effective and the service is just as quick and efficient as having I.T staff employed in-house.

It’s hard to make the leap to outsource your I.T. environment, so here are some tell-tale signs you need to make some changes to your I.T. strategy.

  • Do you have regular disruptions due to I.T. outages?
  • Are your staff spending time on I.T. issues they aren’t trained for?
  • Do you want to move forward with your I.T. strategy, but are unsure of where to start?
  • Do you know the state of your backup?
  • Is your I.T. environment getting more complicated?
  • Can an I.T. outage stop your business?
  • Is your current I.T. provider accessible?
  • Are you aware of the current state of cyber threats?
  • Do you have time to address your I.T. needs?


Does your business need IT Helpdesk Support?

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