Carve a bolder IT budget for your business

Plan more sweetness — carve a bolder IT budget

For every party pavlova presented, there’s only so many seconds before the fruity crown nestling in whipped cream upon a bed of melt-in-your-mouth meringue vanishes into thin air.

For those who turn up late? All what’s left on the plate is but a smear of cream, a golden passionfruit seed or two and a flattened blueberry.

Contentious crumbs

When we talk budgets and resource allocation, it’s akin to producing that proverbial party pav. With so many competing interests, it can demand the wisdom of Solomon to best allocate resources to all rightful “contenders”. Then, IT turns up to the party late and gets the crumbs of whatever’s left.

Real value versus talk

Business people love to talk up their value of IT. They revel in its benefits and soapbox its importance to their operations. But in reality we find the reverse is the truth. On the topic of adequacy of funds tagged for IT, more often than not we see that it’s too little too late. Well managed IT services demands are clear. More pavlova. More often.

The bitter (and big dollar) cost of failure

We hate to be doomsters but imagine the impact should your IT services fail? For most of us a systems crash or unplanned outage is unthinkable, yet that reality is inevitable. The prevailing scenario is more a case of when, not if.

What is the cost of downtime and lost productivity of employees on your business?

While there are algorithms used to establish this accurately for your operations, more broadly in statistics produced by the Australian National University and Raine data, estimated losses to the economy from lost productivity runs into the billions of dollars.

The true worth of IT – dollars or sense?

It makes good sense from every angle that business owners budget wisely, placing proper emphasis on IT infrastructure planning and resourcing. After all, IT services are highly likely to form the backbone of their operations.

Outsourcing to a reputable IT services crew makes sense and is better for your business.

Sweeter, smarter spending

Carve a bolder IT budget for your business.

Contact your Cicom Ops team to discuss better ways to allocate your IT dollar and sidestep the pain of lost productivity. It can be avoided or mitigated through smarter management and well managed Business IT services & support.

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