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Still using tin cans and string? Speak free from where you’d rather be

The “work from home” culture has stretched office phone systems to the limit. With Cicom’s cutting edge tech and managed IT services, you can now remotely chirp business to business easily–but totally untethered! All at a fraction of the cost of typical tethered phone systems.

Touch the past to reach into the future

Impressed? We figured you’d be. So are we. We’re singing from the same song sheet as Alexander Graham Bell. Bell you’ll recall was a celebrated Scotsman who phoned home long before ET the extra-terrestrial was a brainwave in the mind of Hollywood director and producer Steven Spielberg. It was a patent on the first practical telephone for which Bell is most celebrated for.

And where would we be without Guglielmo Giovanni Marconi, that genius Italian inventor and electrical wizard? Marconi championed tech breakthroughs on long-distance radio transmission. Along with Karl Ferdinand, Marconi scooped the 1909 Nobel Peace prize for his contribution to wireless telegraphy.

Detangling the geek speak

VoIP stands for Voice-over-internet-protocol. How does a VoIP phone work? We would bore you to tears attempting to explain in words the technical detail here, so we’ll spare you the anguish. Suffice to say a VoIP phone is a type of telephone that uses internet protocol (IP) technology to transmit calls.

Plug into the can do high tech on offer

With its inbuilt microphone and receiver, a VoIP telephone carries your conversation and encodes it into a data signal that whizzes over the network and across the internet.

Much like the way sound waves travel from a tin can along that slender thread to be decoded by the marvellous and ingeniously designed tech inside the listener’s ear. So the smart technology in the VoIP phone at the other end decodes the data signal and plays it back for the other person to hear.

So why use a VoIP phone?

VoIP phone systems allow sharing a phone number across multiple devices. When a customer calls your number it can be answered from any other device that uses the same number. Eliminate missed calls from customers and the hassle of call transfers.

We’re touting a modern phone system that’s truly liberating for your business. Unrestricted by geography or location. Now you can enjoy rapid and seamless communications as your business blossoms. All transacted with the sleek look and feel of a traditional office handset.

Adopt what’s next

It’s clever and savvy. It plays well with others. It sits smart alongside your corporate suite. So nifty, a VoIP phone acts either as digital hardware on your desk or operates via an app on a computer or mobile device that performs the same functions. Simply bring your tablet or mobile device to the party and start singing the praises of VoIP.

Cicom employs cloud powered VOIP servers and competitive call costs all for a modest monthly charge.

If your business is tired of paying tens of thousands of dollars for PBX hardware tethered to your site then talk to the Cicom Ops team. We will provide you a flexible, capable and cost effective VoIP phone system for your businsess including with local technical support from our professional staff.

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