Why You Should Invest in High Speed Business Grade Internet

You might think you have high speed internet, however as time has moved on your plan has stayed the same.

You are possibly still trying to run a business on 50Mbps down and 20Mbps up, wondering why your NBN plan isn’t performing in today’s cloud intensive environment.

High Speed Internet is somewhat a moving target, as your needs grow, so does the definition of “High Speed”.


What is High Speed internet?

In today’s environment we would consider the starting point for “High Speed” to be 100Mbps down and 40Mbps up.

Of course, this is relative to how many people are using it and what it is being used for. Accessible high speed internet is available in speeds of 1000Gbps down and 1000Gbps up.

The future of high speed internet is through fibre optic cable directly into your premises.


Why does my business need fast internet


Slow internet can cause drops in connection, timeouts using cloud applications, resulting in disruption to your daily  tasks.

The technology used in deploying slow internet is notoriously unreliable. Copper cabling still forms the basis of these slow connections.

It is often old and poorly maintained, resulting in periodic connection issues and poor speeds.

Increased Speed

The difference in slow and fast internet can be 20 fold. Imagine increasing the speed of all your interactions over the internet by this amount.

Now imaging this increase in speed multiplied across you workforce.

The boost to staff productivity and output can be substantial. With the increase in speed will also come a suite of applications and services your high speed internet can now be used for, enabling your rapid uptake of cloud migration and workplace flexibility.

Reducing stress and frustration

Nowdays, most applications are cloud based and require access over the internet.

Most employees will access important critical applications over the internet many times a day. These tasks are often mission critical and time dependant.

Slow internet connections place staff under significant pressure as they deal with time constraints, lost connections, timeouts, workplace pressure and low productivity. This can leave your staff thinking your business is out of touch with the modern business world, undervalued and under resourced.

An investment in internet speed and reliability is an investment in your staff.

Moving with the times

Like many businesses, your internet plan may have not changed for many years whilst the world has moved to a cloud first application environment.

Initially the internet was used for email, search and static web pages, now it also runs core tasks such as:

  • Powerful business specific applications and databases.
  • Online ordering, quoting and tracking
  • Document storage and file sharing.
  • Video calls and web conferencing.
  • Customer management, job tracking and communication.
  • Office phone systems.
  • Interacting and reporting to online government agencies.
  • Banking and accounting.
  • Security services and workstation/server backups.
  • Interoffice connections through virtual private networks.
  • Video surveillance.

All of these may use the internet concurrently, requiring up to date connectivity to ensure your business is properly resourced. Staying up to speed with internet speed is essential for a successful enterprise.

Increase in staff numbers

As your business grows it is easy to forget that your internet connection is being used by more people at the same time.

This effectively reduces the available bandwidth as resources are shared across more staff.

The effectiveness of the internet can crawl to an unusable trickle if your internet speed is not properly matched to the number of staff in your business.


What type of High Speed internet should I install?

We recommend where possible to use Fibre internet as your first choice. The NBN has two types of fibre that may be suitable for resilient high speed internet.

Fibre to the premises

An NBN FTTP connection is one of the available NBN connection types.

On an FTTP connection, NBN runs fibre optic cable direct to your property giving organisations access to the full range of business NBN plans.

Enterprise Ethernet

Like FTTP, an NBN Enterprise Ethernet connection also runs on fibre optic cable. However, while the material itself may be the same, NBN Enterprise Ethernet works quite differently.

Enterprise Ethernet runs on different infrastructure and connects to a separate network than other NBN services. With an NBN Enterprise Ethernet connection, businesses can also access a whole new range of plans and symmetrical speed tiers ranging from 100/100Mbps to 1000/1000Mbps.

NBN has identical speed for both up and down creating an ideal platform for modern business.


How is it different to using Optus or Telstra Internet?

Optus and Telstra both use the underlying NBN infrastructure for fibre internet access.

Cicom provides the same high quality NBN fibre infrastructure for your connection.

Long call queues, poor communication, difficulty getting to the right person and many wasted hours are hallmarks of the big providers.

Our point of difference is in our I.T. knowledge.

We are technical people not a call centre.

We can quickly diagnose if the fault is within your own network or elevate where required.

We know your internet underpins your business productivity and treat lost time as a priority.


Where do I begin my High Speed internet journey?

Cicom are here to help your business understand the technologies available to your business for high speed internet.

We will help you scope your business internet requirements by investigating aspects of your business such as:

  • Number of staff accessing the internet;
  • File access and storage;
  • Critical cloud applications;
  • Business continuity needs;
  • Voice and video;
  • Future growth;
  • Network and connectivity.

Cicom can directly supply NBN FTPP and Enterprise Ethernet to move your business forward, helping you create an efficient cloud environment for greater productivity and a competitive advantage.

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